Global industrial chain resource service support, driving the future of the industry has overseas representatives and branches in 26 countries and 118 regions all over the world. With its strong and comprehensive global resources, is committed to opening up the vertical industrial chain of the global mold industry and improving the world industrial level.

Core Team has overseas representatives and branches in 26 countries and 118 regions all over the world.
We provide industry-wide services tailored to your needs
We are committed to the integration of global mold industry chain enterprises in the platform to achieve information display, brand promotion, exhibition support, mold research and development design, professional talent sharing, integrated procurement, platform trading, supply chain finance and global after-sales service, to build an intelligent ecological service platform.
Global After-sale Service and Second-stage Support
Provide overseas after-sales service and phase 2 support to all customers and members
Global After-sale Service and Second-stage Support
Mould industry talent network worldwide sharing
Global exhibition
Mold vertical industry chain of professional exhibition
Global After-sale Service and Second-stage Support
It is our core philosophy to provide the best services for all our customers and members. We have set up after-sale services and second-stage support center in more than 30 locations.
Global Talents Sharing has a strong and comprehensive network of talents in the mold industry worldwide. When you post requirements on the V1 platform, the system will allocate the talents that best suit your needs.
Mold Designer
With the rapid development of modern manufacturing industry, the enterprise demand for mould talents is more and more big, the quality requirements for mould talents is more and more high, based on the global network of the friendly, wei an industrial Internet platform for mould upstream and downstream industry to provide mold design related talent sharing service resources, giving full play to the advantages of location and industry alliance, accelerate and promote the circulating service of the mold design talent.
With the vigorous development of mould industry, the demand for mould professional and technical personnel, especially for mould professional and skilled personnel, is growing both in quantity and in quality. Under this premise, Weiyi global resources integration of multiple resources, through the talent sharing mode, to further provide enterprises with multi-directional talent needs.
Translators and Interpreter
Even if your business is all over the world, you will inevitably be subject to cultural and language restrictions in different countries and regions during the process of business development, which will greatly affect the delivery; It is an effective way to solve the problem of international translation talents who have both technical knowledge and translation skills in the mold industry through weyi's global resources and the advantages of universities, industry associations and enterprises to build a tripartite cooperation professional and technical translation talent sharing mode.
Global exhibition has been organizing professional and value-added exhibitions for mold vertical chain industry. Working in close partnership with local governments, public authorities, professional associations and corporate bodies, we pride ourselves on offering world-class exhibition solutions.
Weiyi Industrial Alliance Connect global manufacturing , Make industry better!
Global Industry and Mold Alliance is committed to the collaborative development of Mold manufacturing industry. Through online and offline dissemination of mold industry business data and information exchange, and promote the development of mold industry, help mold manufacturing and related industry enterprises to develop and expand; The Association is committed to serving GIMU members and enabling them to enjoy the full range of business information and technology services provided by the Association!